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Guylian The Original Seashells 22 Chocolates With Hazelnut Praliné Filling 250g

Delight in the Ocean of Flavours with Guylian’s Original Seashell Chocolates

Dive into the heart of Belgian tradition with Guylian’s Original Seashells, where every chocolate is a shell brimming with the treasures of the finest hazelnut praliné. This 250g box of Guylian chocolates is not just a treat; it’s a journey through the mastery of chocolate craftsmanship.

Taste the Legacy in Every Bite With 22 pieces of exquisite Belgian chocolates, each bite harmonizes the luxurious richness of 100% pure cocoa butter with the silky smoothness of our improved hazelnut praliné filling. Roasted in copper kettles and crafted following the cherished original recipe, every chocolate is a homage to the timeless love and passion of Guylian’s founders, Guy & Liliane.

The Emblem of Chocolate Excellence The world’s adoration for Guylian chocolates is sealed in every seashell and Sea Horse, the iconic emblem of the brand. Each piece is not only a delight to the senses but also bears the signature ‘G’—a promise of quality that upholds the revered Belgian chocolate-making standards.

A Gift for Every Tide and Shore Whether it’s the gentle caress of Mother’s Day, the warm embrace of a birthday, the romantic whisper of an anniversary, or simply the joy of a shared moment, Guylian’s Original Seashells are the perfect accompaniment. Let this box of Guylian chocolates be your expression of love, gratitude, or celebration—a gift that speaks in the rich language of chocolate.

The Art of Gifting, The Joy of Sharing Presented in an elegant box, these chocolates are designed to captivate at first glance and enchant at first taste. Perfect for sharing or gifting, Guylian’s Seashells are more than chocolates—they are a token of affection, a memento of shared memories, and an invitation to create new ones.

Indulge in the pleasure of giving, and let the Guylian Original Seashells be the canvas for your heartfelt messages and sweetest sentiments.


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