Quality Street Chocolate Carton 220g

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Quality Street Chocolate Carton 220g: A Symphony of Sweets in Every Bite

Embark on a delectable journey with Quality Street’s 220g Chocolate Carton, a classic collection that has been delighting senses and sparking joy with every rustle and unwrap. A colourful carnival of the finest milk and dark chocolates, rich toffees, and lush fruit cremés, each carton is an invitation to discover your own slice of sweetness.

A Legacy of Indulgence

Quality Street® has been synonymous with celebration since its inception. Within this carton lies a tapestry of tastes and textures, from the creamy decadence of The Purple One to the nutty richness of the Green Triangle—each sweet is a cherished member of the Quality Street® family. It’s not just a box of chocolates; it’s a box of cherished memories waiting to be made.

Your Favourite Flavours Await

Every carton is a treasure trove, filled with our famous individually wrapped delights that are as much a joy to pick out as they are to savour. Dive into the magic of the assortment and find your favourite, or better yet, make it a delightful game of choice with family and friends. With Quality Street® chocolates, toffees, and Fruit Cremés, there’s a flavour for every fancy and a sweet for every soul.

Moments Turned Memories

The joy of Quality Street® is more than the sum of its sweets—it’s the shared smiles, the little contests of choosing the best piece, the warm gatherings, and the festive celebrations. Whether gracing your Christmas spread or adding sparkle to a family movie night, these chocolates are crafted to create moments that become memories treasured forever.

Crafted for Sharing

This 220g carton is perfectly sized for sharing, making it an ideal treat for passing around on any occasion. It’s a promise of quality and taste that has been trusted for generations, and now, it’s yours to continue the tradition. Whether it’s a gift or a personal indulgence, the Quality Street® Chocolate Carton is a timeless choice that’s bound to delight.

Taste the Tradition

Every piece of Quality Street® is steeped in heritage, made with meticulous care, and represents our commitment to confectionery excellence. Open a carton today, and let the festival of flavours begin. After all, with Quality Street®, every day is a celebration.


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